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I had the pleasure of meeting with Hannah this week to hear all about how her postnatal classes support and encourage parents to ‘Just Be’ with their babies (hence the name, Bee Babies) during the fourth trimester.

This might sound like quite a simple concept, but actually these sessions allow you to leave all of your stresses and anxieties at the door as you enter. Our modern lifestyles have us doing it all, without the ‘it takes a village’ luxury of 100 years ago. Therefore, we can quite often find ourselves trying to balance all of our household chores, possibly working and taking care of our older children, as well as caring for and connecting with our new-born babies. What about self-care, I hear you ask? Exactly!

Let’s face it, the fourth trimester can be tough! Especially, for first time mothers who are experiencing that dramatic shift from having no children to having their first baby in their lives. What an adjustment!

Hannah spoke to me about her experiences as a mother of 4, and how with each baby she has connected with them very differently. With her first two children she felt an overwhelming sense of panic and didn’t know how to ‘just be’ with them. With her third child, she felt more intuitive and calmer, but still wished she had a place to go where she could leave her home with her tiny new-born and feel safe and supported in an uplifting environment with other new mothers and fathers.

After the positive birth of her fourth child 9 months ago, Hannah felt calm and at peace with being a mother to 4 children. She has become more mindful about how she is feeling and how her emotions and use of language not only affects her mental wellbeing but also of those around her. She put self-care at the forefront of her fourth trimester this time around and noticed a huge surge in her confidence and abilities to mother her baby intuitively and with confidence, which in turn has created a strong bond between her and her baby. Hannah’s new outlook on postnatal self-care has allowed her to implement little changes within her family that has created a positive dynamic between all 6 of them.

Hannah created Bee Babies back in 2019 as a safe place for parents to come with their tiny baby’s, to allow each other to just connect, nurture and love. One hour a week of peace and tranquillity, holding your baby close, not having to worry about anything. This is your time. You’re little love bubble. It is essential in the early days to really connect as parent and baby, as we all thrive and feel good through love and connection.

Hannah offers an 6 week rolling programme to groups of new parents in Sevenoaks or if leaving your home still feels a little too daunting with your little baby, you can achieve uplifting connection in the comfort of your own home with Hannah’s 1:1 sessions.

To get in touch with Hannah, call Bee Babies on 07568 600749.

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