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Breech, transverse and Cephalic, this baby is putting me through my paces and keeping me on my toes at guessing which position it is going to decide on getting comfy in.

These three different positions all feel totally different for me as well, so I thought I would let you know how they affect me and make me feel.


For the majority of this pregnancy the baby has been very comfortable pivoting from side to side in a breech position. This has made me feel like I need to hoist my bump up into my hands whenever I stand and walk and even during my second trimester I felt incredibly uncomfortable with a baby that was sitting bottom down snuggled well into my pelvis, very, very low. I said to my partner many times how I feel I need a support band this pregnancy as I am carrying so low in comparison to my first pregnancy, and sure enough a scan at 29 weeks confirmed for me that baby was indeed breech and very settled low into my pelvis with its feet right up by its head under my ribs. I knew it! The head under the ribs is an interesting one, because obviously the skull is so solid in comparison to a squishy little bottom and it really is uncomfortable at times.


When this baby decides to lay sideways, goodness me it makes me walk at the pace of a snail! It is a totally different feeling to the low-down breech position mentioned before but I can really feel the baby in both sides of my waist. It makes my movements very slow and I’m not really sure how to position myself when sitting/walking, as all I want to do is nudge the baby inwards.


The most comfortable position of all, head down. When the baby is laying in a cephalic position I hardly notice I am pregnant at all, apart from the 35 week bump I am sporting! It feels right. It must be comfortable for the baby this way if it is also comfortable for me. I can walk quicker, sit more comfortably, my bump is higher and longer rather than low and round, and I do not feel like I need any kind of support what so ever. I just feel happily pregnant and not moany and huffy and puffy at all. I also love to feel those perfect little feet kicking just to one side of my lower ribs. Just perfect.

This baby number 2 of ours sure does like to somersault around and it is giving all positions a very good try out before deciding where it would like to stay. It tends to settle into one of these positions for a few days at a time before moving into another.

Having birthed a breech baby before very comfortably I would really love for this baby to be born head down, with it’s back to my belly just so I can feel the difference between the two different presentations.

Many women who have given birth to both cephalic and breech babies say “Give me a breech any day. Labour was quicker and easier.” I would love to have my own experiences of this for myself so I too can share my findings with you.

Either way, I am literally weeks away from giving birth and I just cannot wait to experience it all again. My absolute favourite part of becoming a mother, from conception to the fourth trimester, is hands down giving birth. The actual moment when I feel my baby descending, unfolding just as nature intended, nudging its way down as far as it wants to go at any given time….there is no feeling like it. It’s sensational. Ah, I just can’t wait!

So there you have it, in a nutshell. Breech, transverse, cephalic and my excitement.

Happy Wednesday!!

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