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Oxytocin - the hormone of love. It is what gets our surges going in the first place and keeps them going throughout the progression of your labour. . Oxytocin is strongly connected to our emotions, so you can keep the flow of them all by yourself through laughter, kissing, cuddles, relaxation, warm bath and any positive visualisations. . You will find oxytocin at it's absolute peak during orgasm when making love, and secondly when you are birthing your baby. Who knew an orgasm and childbirth could be so closely connected? Food for thought ladies, food for thought. . The most amazing thing about oxytocin..... it stimulates endorphins, which are your bodys natural pain releif. And voila...a more comfortable birth. . #oxytocin #hormones #birth #childbirth #labour #pregnancy#pregnant #baby #orgasm #sex #makelove #feelgood #lovehormone#love #hypnobirthing #antenatal

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