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Introducing expectant couples into the world of hypnobirthing is a part of my job that I absolutely love. Last night was no exception, as I educated a full house of soon to be mums and dads at their first ever hypnobirthing taster session.

The atmosphere was calm, the conversation was fun and we had the added bonus of being joined by an expert in essential oils, Melinda.

Fresh over from San Francisco and with 9 years experience under her belt, Melinda spoke about how during pregnancy women tend to put up with aches and ailments not wanting to pass on any pharmaceutical medicines through the placenta barrier to their babies, but essential oils can actually help ease discomfort in tummy aches, indigestion and heart burn.

It was absolutely fascinating to listen to her and learn all about how these natural remedies are safe to use during pregnancy and only one drop is needed to achieve relief.

One expectant mum who is nearing the end of her pregnancy spoke about how her hands and fingers feel very swollen now and how she can’t clench her fist when she wakes in the morning. Melinda had the answer to relieve her from her discomfort! It was called Aromatouch and it supports healthy circulation and a natural inflammatory response. Amazing!

One of my favourite things that I learnt from Melinda was how powerful and versatile Lavender essential oil actually is. She called it the ’swiss army knife’ of essential oils because it can be used for so many different things, from relaxation, relieving anxiety, treating eczema to increasing blood circulation and even soothing minor burns.

Having Melinda join us cemented for me just how beneficial anchoring really is. We talk about this in Class Two, and it was great to hear from her expert point of view of how your favourite scent can really help to relax you, which is key for labour and birth. Remember, emotional relaxation and deep breathing will become your best friends during the day your baby is being born. We anchor our emotions through our senses and we can trigger our relaxation response through scent alone. Fascinating, huh?

I can highly recommend meeting Melinda and listening to how essential oils can help with pain management, sleep, mood, digestive support, weight…the list is endless!

Melinda’s next FREE classes are as follows:

Wednesday 25th April 7pm-8.30pm - 29 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

Friday 27th April 12.30pm-1.30pm – The Yoga House, Tunbridge Wells

You can find Melinda’s facebook page here:



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