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In a nutshell... birth without fear.


The power of a woman and the strength within each and every one of us is real. It's there for all of us to use, if we know how. Hypnobirthing works with your body during labour rather than against it, which will help you enormously both physically and emotionally.

. Just look at this image! She is an actual goddess. We all are. We are all so, so strong. But you have to believe so in order to go forward, take charge and achieve what you desire. . Did you know that you get to decide how you feel about your pregnancy and your baby’s birth? . You can make it anything you want it to be by taking control. . You can learn about how powerful you are and about how powerful your mind actually is. . It’s not how your baby is born that determines a positive outcome, it is how you FEEL about the birth. . Would you like to be in control mentally and emotionally? . Do you want to have choices? . Do you want your voice to be heard? . If you’re answer is YES to any of the above, get in touch. . You absolutely CAN have a positive birth. . It’s all in the preparation. . You can do this! . #pregnancy #pregnant #birth #water #babybump #goddess #woman#baby #antenatal #hypnobirthing #believe #positivity #positivevibes#strong #real #human #childbirth #nature #desire #true #homebirth#hospitalbirth

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