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Today I met with the lovely Zoe, who owns an organic baby clothing company called Molly & Monty in Westerham, Kent.

On this windy, rainy day we decided to find shelter and hot chocolate in Otto’s café, Sevenoaks. If you’ve been there before you will know how warm and snuggly it is inside, so it was the perfect place to talk about precious little babies and for me to really find out just how delicate their skin really is.

Zoe showed me some essential new-born clothing products of hers to allow me to gain a real understanding of how delicate 100% cotton is for new born babies and I could also feel how warm and luxurious the blankets and clothes were. They are 30% thicker than your usual baby essentials!

The designs are absolutely beautiful and all of her products are made in Britain, using only thick organic cotton and contain no chemicals or pesticides.

Visit or find Molly & Monty on

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