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My meeting with Heather at

Today I felt like I had met up with a long-lost Friend even though it was our first meeting. Heather, owner of invited me in from the wet and rainy elements, bringing me endless cups of tea and biscuits to discuss all things maternity and baby.

Firstly, I would just like to mention how gorgeous her studio is! In the heart of Sevenoaks, in a stunning grade II listed building you will find her fresh, modern studio, where you will experience examples of her stunning newborn work. Looking at her beautiful work made me want to have about 10 babies! Broody is an understatement.

We spoke about our babies’ births and how much we both still love looking at our maternity photos from the days when we were pregnant and reliving our memories of when our babies were so tiny and new to this world. Maternity photoshoots in particular are something that you may not feel like doing at the moment (how long have you been pregnant exactly, forever?) But when your baby is a year old you will look at those photos and realise just how beautiful and incredible you really are. You grew a human!

Also, having professional photographs taken of your newborn, sleepy baby really are treasures for your lifetime. Once it is on display in your house, it will never come down, so finding a skilled photographer really is the key. This is where Heather comes in.

Heather and I have negotiated something pretty special for you lovely ladies and your birth partners.

From March 2018, when you book onto my Group Course, Heather will offer you a completely complementary Maternity Photoshoot, and you get to take home your favourite image from the session in an 8x6in Gift Frame as well. How generous is this? This package would normally cost you £146 but Heather is such a warm, genuine, kind lady that she just wants you all to be able to cherish your pregnancy with something a little special.

It is also an excuse for us two to stay in contact forever too, which is an absolute bonus!

My Group Course dates can be found on ‘The Course’ page of this website.




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