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I was convinced my daughter would be a substantial size due to my husband being 6ft 7in, so when she was born a teeny 5lb 4oz, 17 days before due date, we were both so surprised!!

There have been so many research projects into the size of babies. Some reports saying that it’s hereditary from the fathers’ side, which contradicts the reports stating that it’s the mothers’ genetics that determines the weight of their babies. Some research projects state that environmental factors play a strong part, whilst others suggest that the mothers diet is the main influence.

As we can see, all these research results are very inconsistent. If your baby is healthy and strong, as are you, why is there such a strong desire to predict the estimated weight?

Did you know that it is not the size of your baby that determines a ‘difficult’ delivery into this world, but actually your baby’s position in your uterus? Women are designed to give birth. Our pelvises widen and create space for babies to be born. Isn’t mother nature clever? There is absolutely nothing fear. Even if your baby is positioned back to back, or breech, you can still have a natural birth if it is what you desire.

So, I’m intrigued, what sizes were your babies when they were born? Also, what position did they present themselves in?

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