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It is very easy for us to solely focus on the expectant mother throughout her pregnancy, she is the one who is carrying her baby for many months after all. It eats what she eats, drinks what she chooses to, keeps her awake at night, and when she finally manages to get comfy…POW…a nice big kick in the ribs to say “mummy, I’m still here you know, why have you decided to sleep? I want to play!”

So, although all the physical elements of pregnancy are happening to the mother, it is so exciting for the rest of the family emotionally. They get to see you grow week by week. They are involved in feeling those wonderful baby kicks. They will run to the shops for you whenever you NEED that pregnancy craving of yours. They get to be a part of your baby’s birth preparation plans. Choosing those first babygro’s, picking out names, wondering if the baby is a boy or a girl. The list is endless.

A pregnant woman requires support and encouragement from her nearest and dearest throughout her pregnancy, whether she is having a good day or a rubbish one. Just having you there will comfort her and make her feel secure. No matter how crazy her hormonal mood swings may be, she needs you.

A pregnancy involves the whole family.

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