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Have you found out the sex of your baby? Are you going to?

Some friends and colleagues of mine thought I was bonkers not finding out the sex of my baby.

“Don’t you want to prepare everything before they arrive?”

Yes, of course. But that doesn’t have to be colour specific. The nursery was still built, the blankets were placed neatly over the cot, the nappies were stacked next to the changing table. Everything was still prepared in advance, and I was still bonding with my baby every moment of every day. The excitement of not knowing kept us all involved in the guessing game, which was so much fun.

And when our baby was born, that announcement…..It’s a girl!!!!

The BEST surprise ever.

That little human I had been looking after in my tummy for all that time, now has a known sex. It was overwhelming, and wonderful, and excitement was in abundance as her sex was revealed.

My little baby. In my arms. At last. And she’s a girl.

Tell me how you felt knowing or not knowing the sex of your baby throughout your pregnancy. Does it even matter? Maybe you have had more than one pregnancy and have done it both ways. I’m intrigued as to what the statistics are. Is it more common to find out the sex of your baby now in 2017?

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