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I had the pleasure of meeting with a counsellor today, who specialises in supporting women and their birth partners who have endured miscarriage, learnt that their baby is unwell at their 20 week anomaly scan, and who also supports families going forward who have given birth to a baby with severe disabilities.

Sharing my lunchtime with her has been the highlight of my week, as she has given me an insight into how precious pregnancy really is, and how unfortunately some couples have to make difficult life changing decisions sometimes, which was not what they had signed up for when falling pregnant.

I have written a brief post before about ultrasound scans, and have spoken about how they can be the absolute highlight of your pregnancy, but how they are actually there for us to be able to detect any abnormalities with our unborn babies, and this is where Naomi comes in.

If you’ve had to endure difficult news recently about your baby and are looking for ongoing, personalised support, Naomi is there for you, either over the phone or during 1 to 1 private sessions. She has a wonderfully warm personality, listens with integrity and gives you unbiased advice going forward.

I am so happy to have met her. What we both have in common, is that we both want you to know your self-worth, feel supported throughout your pregnancy with all the decisions that you make, in a way that feels right for you.

Naomi Marston

Lifecare counselling, Kent.

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